How We Produce

Quality, precision and innovation constitute Il Molino’s production philosophy.

Our workspaces are designed to embrace the open innovation principles and create a dynamic environment, engaging with the whole value-chain to identify eco-friendly materials, unique patterns, and new leather-work techniques. Also, our company presents a big archive of leather jackets and materials which inspire us and clients when designing prototypes. In fact, Il Molino’s catalogues range from the classic nappa leather until the latest fashions proposed by our trusted tanneries, such as biodegradable leathers and vegan materials. You can experience our creations by visiting the section Archive of this website.

During each collaboration, the product department is able to follow our clients from the first draft till production, offering its long-standing knowledge to create every time a successful collection. Also, to provide our clients superior insights when studying garments’ wearability, we have adopted the innovative Optitex system. In addition to the traditional two-dimensions garment study, the software offers a unique three-dimensions perspective. Our modeling department is thus able to optimise wearability, deeply analyse details on a virtual mannequin and render every product in different colors, textiles and patterns.

We are proud to collaborate with prestigious luxury brands for the production of exclusive women and men’s eco-friendly leather and vegan materials apparel, ultimately aiming to make more sustainable the fashion industry.